Clean Electric

Travel with zero carbon emissions and low noise by using environmentally friendly electric battery technology. Noise reducing carbon fiber propellers are used to limit the impact on the local area. This avoids the use of loud combustion engines that spread smog and noise pollution in the air.


Eliminate Long Commutes

Fly point-to-point to distant locations. The patented gyroscopic design pitchs the propellers to the optimal angle of attack, increasing cruise speeds up to 250 mph. Getting you to your next meeting faster than any other electric VTOL, all while avoid traffic congestion.


Ride in Quiet Comfort

Catch up on a book in peace by eliminating the road noise and navigational responsibilities. The spacious cabin allows for up to 4 passengers onboard, and enough room to recline your seat back further than airline economy.


Easy Access for Arrivals and Departures

Passengers can effortlessly climb in and out of the cabin on the retracetable stairs, as the outer ring raises the propellers safely out of the way. The interior of the cabin is tall enough for the average person to stand upright.


The Benefits

Gyroscopic Balance

The patented Gyroscopic design maintains the most level attitude physically attainable in flight

100% Electric

Clean Energy for the Future of Transportation


Use your smart phone to order a flight from your current location to anywhere around town

No More Traffic

Fly over all the traffic congestion at up to 250 mph

GPS Autopilot

Automatically ties into the Air Traffic System, keeping you safe while you fly

Low Noise

Quieter operation than a typical aircraft